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Fabricon Design is an engineering business offering design, prototype and volume production. Our in-house facilities include Solid Edge, Auto Desk, CAD CAM software, additive manufacturing, 3 and 4 axis CNC milling machines, injection moulding and laser equipment. We manufacture across a wide range of sectors including; lighting, stairlifts and construction.

Following a digital roadmap of our processes carried out by Made Smarter we identified several areas of our business that would benefit from new digital technologies. With grant help available we purchased two 3D printers, with the new Markforged X7, we can now print industrial grade manufacturing jigs, jaws, tools and fixtures and small production runs and protypes to proof concept before the need for expensive tooling.

With grant help we have also installed a manufacturing platform that uses cloud technology to control our production which gives us real-time visibility of our workshop. Rebecca Lee-Panton, Compliance Manager :  

“Our cloud-based system allows us to track all elements of the manufacturing process improving efficiency and productivity. We are now able to stream real time information so both the customer and our operatives can monitor jobs in real time, detecting problems as they may unfold. Moving to a process managed by a SFDC system will eliminate the need for a paper-based system, enable single entry of data, reduce administrative load on production management and improve quality control”.

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We identified the need for a student in industrial digitalization to help us implement changes and work with our new equipment. Luke Hickson, a master’s postgraduate studying Industrial Digitalisation at Manchester Metropolitan University, was matched to Fabricon via the Made Smarter scheme.

Luke Hickson, design and development engineer :

“The placement with Fabricon was focussed on CAD design, 3D printing and product development. It was a perfect match for my skills and their needs. It was my first experience of an actual manufacturing facility and was just what I hoped it would be. I am involved in hands-on machining, designing and making jigs and fittings using 3D printing. I was also helping to make prototypes for customers”.

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After impressing senior management, Luke has been offered a full-time job. Mark Bushdyhan, managing director, said : “Luke has worked on several product design projects for us successfully, using CAD and 3D printing. He is an incredibly fast learner, takes direction well and can act on his own initiative. He has been a great addition to our business.”

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