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The potential untapped benefits of traverse wound strip for UK pressworkers

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Traverse wound strip is simply strip that has been slit and wound onto spools – also known as oscillated strips.

This alternative option has provided a different approach to traditional single lap coils, otherwise known as pancake coils, which Sturge is able to offer on inner diameters ranging from 100mm to 500mm. However, we are here to discuss the benefits of traverse wound strip.

Sturge Metals supplies any metal strip slit and traverse wound onto Argonaut or Din 355 reels, in widths from 2.50mm up to 19mm, with thickness ranging from 0.099mm up to 0.80mm. With demand increasing from multiple industries to maximise the efficiency of their manufacturing operations, reduce machine downtime, and minimise material changeovers, many manufacturers are closely analysing their processes, looking for opportunities to improve and use their time much more wisely. Using traverse wound strip in favour of traditional pancake coils can certainly help to achieve that.

Where a process uses narrow-width materials, switching from a flat pancake coil to traverse wound strip can deliver real gains. Sturge’s slitting and traverse winding facility is able to provide far greater length of narrow width strip on a single spool, as a traverse wound spool can typically hold up to 50% more material compared to a traditional pancake coil. Naturally, this allows machines to run for much longer between switchovers. Each traverse wound strip will save time compared to loading each individual ribbon coil, with less handling required too, and there’s also a reduced chance of damaging the strip.

Compared to pancake coil, the increased strip per reel has been identified as a route to higher productivity with less machine changeovers. Two stand-out benefits that will likely have a domino effect of benefits for many manufacturing operations. Last but not least, when in transit, reels are shipped safely in wooden cases to prevent any damage and for ease of storage.

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Hopefully outlining these facts will make you consider the switch. The operational benefits are clear but if you would like to get a better understanding of how it may benefit your business specifically, then contact Sturge – We’ll be happy to talk it through.

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