Bauromat & PP C and A

Midlands manufacturers use #UKMfgUnite campaign to join forces and encourage growth

Robotic solutions provider Bauromat UK and electrical controls specialist PP Control & Automation are pleased to announce a non-competing partnership to share skills and encourage industry growth under the #UKMfgUnite banner.

The two Midlands based companies have made an agreement to pool their complimentary skills and capabilities in a way that supports manufacturing in the UK and continues to build on the already existing industry fraternity.

With a wave of uncertainty surrounding manufacturing following Brexit and the global COVID-19 pandemic, the partnership will look to encourage growth and reshoring opportunities both in the Midlands and the wider UK economy.

”We’re reaching out to everyone” said Bauromat UK Managing Director John D’Angelillo

“But especially those companies whose supply chains have been hampered or who are looking into new forms of technology and wanting to grow”
“We have to stick together through times of uncertainty” added Tony Hague, CEO of PP C&A.

“There is a real opportunity for UK manufacturing right now in investing in automation in a manner which ensures agility and competitiveness that will create opportunities for reshoring supply chains.

“It’s also about supporting one another as OEM’s working to each other’s strengths and growing together for the greater good of the UK economy.”
Bauromat is a Telford based robotic & automation systems integrator with over 20 years of experience providing robotic solutions to a variety of industries, while Walsall based PP C & A has over 50 years of experience providing a full range of strategic outsourcing solutions to many of the World’s most successful machinery builders and OEMs.

Both are members of the #UKMfgunite campaign which looks to secure UK manufacturing’s future via fostering collaboration and sharing of best practice – since its launch only a few weeks ago, it has already attracted over 200 members.

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