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Light at both ends of this tunnel !

Member submitted story | Adrian Waine Photography for Industry

Location photography has often opened doors to unusual places. Factories, docks, process plants, they all become familiar after a number of years in the industry.  Yet, the most recent and unusual assignment lay inside a tunnel in Kent.

Most of us will be unaware of the overhead jet fans inside a tunnel, but they work around the clock, continuously replacing the inside air.  However, fast travelling particles of dust and grit which are suspended in the air, eat away at the bearings over time and the only way of sustaining the flow of air adequately is to replace them with a new set.

Hence my assignment was to capture the overhead assembly works carried out by PDS on behalf of Highways England.  During a cold weekend in November, the task of replacing the overhead jet fans took place whilst the traffic was diverted and the team had access to the entirety of the tunnel on the A20.

Photography for Industry was commissioned in collaboration with Picture House Films to capture the evening shift removing a jet fan and replacing it with a newly fabricated one.  The following three or four hours involved many rattling chains and two immaculate Skyjacks manoeuvring these torpedo like jet fans from road to roof, steadily working their way towards the tunnel entrance.

The aim : To support future presentations by marketing the capabilities of PDS to other transport networks which depend upon critical infrastructure for the safe running of their roads.




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