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Clean as a Whistle!

Member submitted story | Adrian Waine Photography for Industry

Today, Photography for Industry features shiny new equipment built for the industrial cleaning company Inox Passivation. The mobile stainless steel kit has been specifically designed to allow for pharmaceutical plant to be thoroughly internally cleaned using a pumped and heated chemical wash. The main intention is to operate the unit in pharmaceutical environments, however it will also have industrial applications.

Inox Passivation decided that some high quality photography was vital to enable future marketing and promotion to take place. Hence, a schedule was made with manufacturer PSS Engineering to allow access and establish an adequate “studio” space for a few hours. This meant working around existing activities within the fabrication workshop and achieving our photography whilst everyone else was able to continue uninterrupted with their own work.

The metal surfaces were polished to perfection and an oversized white backdrop was ordered to accommodate the size of the skid. Gleaming surfaces can present many problems and eradicating unwanted reflections was key to creating a clean and sparkling result.

These images tell the story of our assignment. They reveal the nature of our environment, the fixed obstacles which had to be worked around and how our white backdrop has worked in our favour. The spick and span brightness helps to simulate cleanroom conditions, this being a distinct advantage in respect of where the equipment will operate in the future.

Kit of this nature can generally be photographed on site, it just takes planning. The middle of the room is always the best location as lighting can be used from all directions. Up against a wall is always the trickiest as lighting can only come from the front. Additional costs of hiring a studio, transport and handling can all be avoided. If you have kit which needs photographing in situ, these shots give a good indication of what can be achieved. Just remember, preparation is crucial to achieve a polished result under testing circumstances.

Finally, If you’re wondering what the orange paper is for – its purely to keep big feet off the background! White is always the least forgiving, whereby mixed colours can hide a multitude of sins.

Further examples of photography can be viewed at www.photographyforindustry.com and Inox Passivation can be found at www.inoxpassivation.com

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