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All about optics and getting back on track for industrial photographer

A few weeks ago, industrial photographer, Adrian Waine was commissioned to carry out a photoshoot for Shyre in Shrewsbury. Shyre is a manufacturer of high-end automated coating and cleaning equipment including bespoke flexible solutions for R&D applications. Its automated machines coat optical lenses and the business exports all over the world.

Shyre has expanded a great deal since the first session of photography in 2016. Now, housed in a shiny Shrewsbury workspace, the time was right to set to work on creating a polished set of professional photographs which would pave the way towards a refreshed website and further marketing materials, including giant photos decorating the boardroom and other spaces in the facility. Anyone visiting will see quite clearly the company’s capabilities and professionalism, whether in person or online.

Covid delays have amounted to numerous photography projects being shelved but fortunately, much like Shyre, many have started to return. Inevitably, it is still necessary to adhere to safe working practices and in reality it can be tough, but projects like this one can still run smoothly so long as you plan ahead and stick to the rules.

Shyre now has sufficient imagery to build an entirely new website, create wall hangings, and be able to promote themselves directly at target markets. Below shows Adrian finishing up at the end of a ten-hour day, complete with face mask and gloves.

3 UK Mfg Unite

In the meantime, keep a look out for the forthcoming Shyre website and take a look at Adrian’s industrial work at www.photographyforindustry.com

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