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A Clear View Ahead : Industrial photographer supports Face Shields

A few months ago, it appeared that everyone in the country who could operate a 3D printer out of a garage or a bedroom or shed was having a go at making a mask or a face shield. Though the enthusiasm was admirable, many of these were later rejected and didn’t pass any approvals. It was apparent that there was room for improvement both on the design and comfort of a face shield. For a face shield to be worn for hours on end, it has to work and comfort is always essential.

Photography for Industry

Mackart Additive got to work on solving this problem. There were numerous criteria to consider. A design that is derived for print speed leaves a product that can be lacking in the ergonomic aspects making wearing uncomfortable, even for short lengths of time. Whilst a design can be ergonomically improved, time will remain a key objective in order to produce a minimum quantity against demand. It had to be wearable with either very little, or no post processing as possible to avoid extra handling and the possibility of bacterial contamination. Printing speed was also a consideration : The process needed to be economical with minimal human intervention.

Hey Presto ! Mackart Additive have created a face shield which combines design, manufacture and metrology all completed in house with R&D behind it. Developing techniques is core to Mackart Additive to ensure the breadth of knowledge is sufficient to enable a solution to be within reach.

Mackart Additive sourced the clear shield from Silverstone Composites Ltd, a UK based company of excellence in the field of CFRP products for motorsport and F1. The product parts are made from fully recycled UK sourced PETg print filament in array of colours.

Industrial photographer, Adrian Waine, who worked with Mackart Additive on an earlier 3D resin printed tube to tackle the ventilator modification for The Royal Blackburn Hospital, suggested that this new face shield should now be featured and illustrated in a working environment to show its merits.

Jacob is now confident enough to head off and get his shower fitted or his spare wheel put to work without steaming up. He has a very clear vision. Assured by this new protection, he even ironed his own overalls before setting off to work !

For further information please contact sales@mackart-engineering.co.uk

Photography by Adrian Waine at Photography for Industry. www.photographyforindustry.com adrian@photographyforindustry.com

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