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Join UK Manufacturing’s fightback against COVID-19 and get ready for a new way of operating for the good of the nation.

UK Manufacturing Unite is an initiative designed and run by manufacturers for manufacturers.

It is looking to bring the manufacturing community together by simply asking, ‘what do you need help with and are you in a position to help others?

Why? Because as a nation, we need something to happen, right now.

We need engineers to pull together. We need engineers to innovate as allies. We need engineers to build networks closer to home. Ultimately, what we need are collaborating engineers – ‘Collaborationeers’ if you will, sharing networks, disciplines and advice.

Collaborationeers are a new breed of manufacturer evolving day by day to tackle the country critical challenge of helping to care for a nation, to build economic stability, start to grow back GDP, increase UK productivity, address balance of trade and ultimately to lay down a foundation for future generations to come.

They’re understanding now more than ever, their value to the nation. They’re the first to bring their industry expertise to the frontline and they won’t stop until the nation comes through the other side.

But even then, collaborationeers will continue to deliver in the new-found principles that have changed the way they operate. They’ll be remembered for their innovation, agility and speed of response during the most difficult times. And they will be the engineering leaders this country needs to bounce back.

Who can participate & how to get involved

UK Manufacturing Unite is calling all UK manufacturers to share their disciplines as well as their pains. Registering details and becoming part of our online directory is free, with only one requirement for entry: You are a manufacturer operating from the UK.

Together, we believe by communicating and collaborating, we’ll be the most effective engineering nation on the planet. Something we’ll need to be to get through the other side of the unique and critical covid-19 challenges.

Tell us if you are looking for help or would like to help others.

Become a Collaborationeer

Request help from others


#UKMfgUnite is the perfect way to spread our mission with the nation. Use it freely to share the fantastic work you’re doing in relation to the covid-19 fightback or to ask the manufacturing community to respond to your immediate needs.

Access an incredible network of collaborationeers!